General Information

     Master’s programs allow you to acguıre new knowledge not only ın your chosen field of scientific direction. The programs contaın reguirements for a mandatory minimum of the content and level of educational, special and scientific research of the master’s degree, as well as to the final state attestation.

    For graduates – bachelors or certified specialist, the master’s  degree provides  a unigue opportunity to acguire new gualifications in selected activities and to receive an education corresponding to international standards.

    Education in the Master’s program assumes the development of such important management functions as mastering, organizing, directing, motivating and analyzing the professional activity of the employee and the enterprise as a whole.

Economics - 580100

       Master's program in the direction of 580 100 "Economy" involves specializations in two areas: Economic Policy and Financial Economics. The program is aimed at educating highly qualified specialists and analysts for the state government, research, design and analysis of financial and economic organizations, as well as university teachers. Graduates should possess deep fundamental knowledge of economic theory and practice of modern methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis of both the micro- and macro-level.

     The curriculum was developed in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic in accordance with international standards. Training highly qualified teachers are educated in the leading universities of the world: Moscow State University Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), University of Kansas, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA), University of Luton (United Kingdom), Central European University (Hungary), Grenoble University Pierre Mendes France (France).

      Master in "Economic Policy" prepares professional economists, analysts and high-level practitioners in the field of international economic relations, which will become the economic problems analysis skills at both the national and international level, determine the most appropriate policy instruments in national and international political and scientific Research Institute, including central banks, banks in economic development, as well as in government.

      The Master program "Financial Economics" - aimed at training analysts in corporate finance, financial markets and institutions. The program is designed to meet the requirements of today's market realities and national business environment. Much attention is paid to the development of the program at the masters of applied skills and analytical skills. Preparation of specialists with modern financial thinking, holding "advanced" theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of finance, capable of critical thinking and make effective decisions.

     After receiving a master's degree, graduates have the opportunity to get a degree, having finished his master's thesis on the program PhD.

Academic plan (pdf)

Linguistics – 531100

     The direction of linguistics is aimed at teaching foreign languages to masters in the field of languages and linguistics. Linguistics can also work in companies developing linguistic software: speech recognition, automatic word processing, automatic translation, depending on the profile of education and their own inclinations. Participate in the participate in the creation of various computer dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias, websites on the Internet.  Work as translators or teachers.

Academic plan (pdf)

 Required documents:

Master’s Program

•Diploma certifying a bachelor’s degree or higher education

•Transcript to the Diploma

•2 photos (size 3x4)

•Copy of passport

Note for International Appllicatns!

-Translation of passport , diploma and its transcript into Kyrgyz or Russian languages (the document shall be translation companies)

-Passport diploma and transcript has to be transtated into Kyrgyz or Russian and not


 Master’s Program Doctoral programs Independent Study Programs

Master’s Program and Postgraduate Study of the Ala-Too International University is :

- highly skilled academic staff composed of experienced teachers from Kyrgyzstan and other countries;

- an interesting student life;

- convenient schedule for study;

- interesting master’s programs;

- a relevant research projects.


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