Dean’s Message

Dear students! You have achieved a major milestone in your career and journey of life by becoming a student of distinguished Faculty of Engineering & Informatics. You will find an efficient education conducted by the qualified academic staff and a helpful, caring, mentoring, and polite surrounding at your department in the faculty, which strives for excellence in education. During your education process, you are expected not to be passive learners only but to be active participants and contributors by mentoring and guiding freshmen students, by practicing together with your mentors and the academic staff in laboratories, and working together in joint projects with your classmates within an interactive platform. At any time, feel free to contact with your mentors, lecturers, group advisors or the head of the department to talk about not only your questions and problems, but your opinions, suggestions and projects as well. We aim at providing you with a key which opens all the closed doors in your career; that is, a student-based interactive education and training by guiding you to explore ways of learning and methods of problem-solving, to stand on your own feet, rather than making you passive listeners of a lecturer-based teaching. I strongly believe that you will graduate from your department by having built up a professional and multi-disciplinary formation of an expert engineer of the future. Our professional staff will guide you to achieve such qualities as creative imagination, innovative problem-solving capability, technical skills and expertise, self-confidence, sense of responsibility, communicativeness, purposefulness, strong will, cooperative and team effort, etc. By such qualities, you will be able to build and improve the world of engineering around you. Your small steps at your university education might lead you to a great future. Your education at department/faculty will be your key to unlocking a future with continual, limitless, and rewarding career opportunities. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Don’t give up on the fight! It is within your might! Your future is bright!