Doctoral Study

General Information

 Ala-too International University was established in 1996. The University provides students with a modern education at the international level and grants graduates with internationally recognized diplomas. Currently the university achieved a number of successes in teaching and research activities and became popular for its achievements throughout the country and in other countries. Through the use of new teaching technologies in teaching and incessant labor of highly qualified academic staff it trains specialists from other countries as well. Our graduates master the knowledge contributing to find one’s rightful place in the modern world. In accordance with modern requirements, starting from 2006, it established the Institute of Social and Natural Sciences where the competent experts are trained under the Master’s and Doctoral Programs, embracing the national and international standards of education.

Doctoral Study – is an educational form for training of the teaching and research staff after higher vocational education. Postgraduate study – due to the fact that is considered a self-education form the purpose of which is scientific work – creates opportunities to increase the educational, scientific and pedagogical professional level on the basis of higher education to citizens who are able to view science in a new light. Post-graduate student who fully meets the requirements of postgraduate studies, and who have successfully defended his/her research dissertation that was his/her goal (who fully meets the requirements of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles) will be granted an academic degree “Candidate of Sciences”.

•Turkic languages -10.02.06

•Economic theory – 08.00.01

•Economics and Management – 08.00.05

•Management in social and economic systems – 05.13.10

•Mathware and software of computers and computer networks – 05.13.11

•Comparative linguistics – 10.02.20

Turkic languages ​​- 10.02.06

The main objective of the direction is to train highly qualified teachers in the field of Turkic studies, especially in the field of Turkic linguistics and literary studies, the training of specialists who are able to transcribe all written monuments of Turkic languages ​​from ancient times to the present time, training of researchers in the field of historical Turkic dialects, the release of personnel competent to determine the place and role of Turkish and Kyrgyz languages ​​and literatures in the system of other languages ​​and literatures of the world, revealing the features of these languages, evaluation of written works and are able to conduct research and the ability to apply knowledge and skills acquired here in educational and other public institutions.

1.Economic theory – 08.00.01

2.Economics and Management – 08.00.05

The postgraduate academic program prepares highly qualified experts in programs elaborated under international standards of PhD education in areas: 08.00.01 – «Economic Theory» and 08.00.05 – «Economics and Management». The program includes advanced disciplines, the leading of which is Economic Theory, Economic Analysis, and Economic Development. The academic program includes: Professional level of scientific guidance on the preparation of research work; Coordination of students by foreign scholars; Interactive lectures and seminars on the most essential disciplines of economy in Russian and English languages; The possibility of internships in partner universities abroad, as well as in a variety of research institutions; Publication of scientific articles on the subject of a research work; Participation in international scientific conferences; Organization of workshops on global problems of the world economy.

Comparative linguistics – 10.02.20

Comparative - historical, typological and comparative linguistics prepares students for the degree of candidate of philological sciences, university teachers and researchers of high qualification. This area involves the preparation of highly qualified specialists of candidates for general and applied linguistics, comparative linguistics for related and unrelated languages, comparative typology of language systems that meet modern requirements of linguistics.

1.Management in social and economic systems – 05.13.10

2.Mathware and software of computers and computer networks – 05.13.11

The direction of "Computer Science" is one of the most promising directions in the field of modern computers, software, network technology (Internet, Ethernet). This area integrates knowledge from the fields of microprocessor technology, programming, advanced networking and computing systems and systems of modern information computer systems. Graduates of this area learn such specialized disciplines as computer science, computer graphics, circuitry, computer, programming, system software, microprocessor systems, database management system, the organization of information networks, etc. Having mastered the methods of analysis and design of complex computer systems and distributed microprocessor systems, by learning to design wired and wireless LANs, having trained in the basics of circuit design and digital transmission and processing of information, you will become a demanded professional in the field of computer and computing. Choosing this direction and acquiring knowledge in this area in our institute will give an opportunity to become experts in information systems and high-level programming languages.

Required Documents:

1. Statement addressed to the Rector

2. Protocol of consideration of a proposal on post-graduate studies from the University, the Department

3. Personnel Record Card

4. Autobiography

5. Character Reference

6. A copy of the diploma of higher education

7. A copy of academic transcript

8. A copy of passport

9. Translation of Passport, Diploma and its transcript into Kyrgyz/Russian languages  (the documents should be notarized or certified by translation firm)

10. Summary of scientific work or a list of scientific publications

11. 1 photo size 4х6, 2 photo size 3х4

12. A copy of work record book (if available)

13. Certificate form №3.2 of post-graduation entry exams (if available)

14. Medical certificate Form №086

For Doctoral Study is 3 years.

For the Doctoral Study at Ala-too International University the application documents are accepted from 1st of August to 1st of November 2018 at the address: Str. Ankara, Tunguch micro district. Bishkek city.

Tel: +996312631425

Fax: +996312630409                 

Faculty staff:

- Doctors of Sciences, professors; - Candidates of Sciences, Assistants of professor

Experienced from leading universities of CIS and other countries.