The Cybersecurity Center of the AIU became member of OIC-CERT

June 15, 2023

From June 9, 2023, following negotiations and study of the issue, the Cybersecurity Center of the Ala-Too International University was accepted into the Organization of Islamic Cooperation of Computer Incident Response Teams (OIC-CERT) as a general member of the Organization.

Kyrgyzstan is represented in the Organization by: the Coordination Center for Cybersecurity of the State Security Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ministry of Digital Development of the KR and the Cybersecurity Center of the AIU.  

Membership in the Organization will expand contacts and strengthen international cooperation, allow the exchange of information and experience with the Organization's participants, and keep abreast of cybersecurity developments.

According to the OIC-CERT, the Organization was established in June 2005 on the initiative of the OIC member countries: Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Currently, the OIC-CERT consists of 59 members from 28 countries. 

Information about the AIU's membership in the OIC-CERT is published on the Organization's website: