Winners of the International University Hackathon

October 28, 2022

Recently, an autumn hackathon was held among 3rd and 4th-year students of the best universities in Kyrgyzstan, in which our students also took part. The team consisting of Zholdoshbek Akim, Chakiyev Aidar, and Begaliev Nursultan took bronze, defending the honor of the university.
The theme of the hackathon was to create a system for the convenient use of books from the library.
Our students built a website with a microservice architecture on the server side.

The functionality of the site is divided into administrative and user parts. A library visitor can book a specific book, borrow an existing one, and view the deadline for returning their books. The librarian can add new books, edit existing ones, approve reservations, and lend out books. When new books are added, all users connected to the running telegram bot will receive a notification.

To implement the idea, the guys used a wide stack of technologies. For the server part, we used: Java, Python, Docker, Nginx, DigitalOcean, Telegram API, PostgreSQL. For the front end: JavaScript (React), Html/CSS, Bootstrap, Axios.