The first meeting of the partners of the project “Modernization of higher education in Central Asia through modern technologies” of the Erasmus + program, funded by the European Union.

April 20, 2020

 On March 12-15, 2019, a four-day kick off meeting of the project “Modernization of Higher Education in Central Asia through Modern Technologies” of the Erasmus + program, funded by the European Union, was held at the Angel Kunchev University of Ruse (Bulgaria).

 In total, 19 universities from Europe and Central Asia participate in the project consortium. From Kyrgyzstan in the project participate Kyrgyz State Technical University. I. Razzakova, Ala-Too International University and Issyk-Kul State University named after K. Tynystanov. Within the project, it is planned to create a sustainable academic network for the exchange of experience in the field of innovative educational technologies and didactic models, the study of the knowledge and experience of EU partners in the implementation of innovative educational technologies and didactic models in the process of teaching and learning in higher education, and the compilation of advanced examples practice. In the course of the project implementation, information centers of innovative technologies in education will be created at each participating university and the material base of lecture halls will be improved.

 On the first day of meeting, the rector of Ruse University, Professor Hristo Beloev, and the Vice-Mayor of Ruse, Mr. S. Karapchansky, opened the official meeting, and representatives of the ministries of education of the Central Asian countries also attended. Then all the universities participating in the project presented their universities and told about their universities and innovations taking place in them. The program of the meeting was rich, there were presentations about the goals and objectives of the project, the working packages, the timing of their implementation were discussed; quality assurance issues; financial management rules; the concept of adapting the education system to the digital generation and the program of digital transformation of education.

The first meeting of HiEdTec in Ruse is over. But, fortunately, this is not the end: this is only the beginning of a new exciting experience with old and new colleagues and friends!