Job Fair

Hello everyone!

🎯 We would like to invite you to a free Job Fair from Dina Ruslan, JOB Codify and Ala-Too!

📩Which will take place on November 18 at Ala-Too University. The event will be held as part of Startup Nation💚, where we want to support young professionals and show them different ways of development.

As always, we plan to hold it on a very large scale and expect:

⁃ more than 1000 specialists from various fields and students from the country’s TOP universities with specialized education

⁃ more than 60 companies participating in the job fair

⁃ more than 5 organizations/media partners

🎊 What you will get:

- brand recognition throughout Kyrgyzstan

- the opportunity to find that same employee from 1000+ guys from all over the country who will come to the Fair (participants will be of different levels: from trainees to seniors)

• Broad Audience: Our career fair events attract both seasoned professionals and young professionals ready to make a difference for your company.

• Brand Promotion: Attending an event will give your company visibility and help build a reputation as an employer that values its employees.

• New partnerships: You will be able to meet other companies and establish contacts for future collaborations.

• Networking Opportunities: Our career fairs also provide an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with others in the job market.

The terms of participation :
-Publish vacancies in Job Codify

Join the general chat in telegram: